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I just can't explain it there's something you do.

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Jul. 12th, 2009 | 02:18 pm

Haven't posted in quite a while or just plain posted, rather.  Usually I'd post like every single day but idk, been lazy.  Anywho, today is my friends birthday.

Happy Birthday Maryssa!  She's finally 18.  Pedophile worthy nooooow!  Speaking of pedophiles, Brad is one too!  His birthday was yesterday.  Daaaamn everyone is turning 18.  It'll be awhile till Marlo & I join the fun. ;D Joking.  

Shaina left to Oahu yesterday morning.  T__T  I was supposed to say goodbye but my mom took the truck so I couldn't go to the airport.  Speaking of airport goodbyes, Jinn refuses to tell me when he departs.  I WILL make you tell me!  D:  I'd be so depressed if he didn't, lmfao.

Tonight is Maryssa's sleepover.  :)  We're also going to go watch Transformers 2.  FINALLY.  I've been waiting for the lonnnnggeesst.

&EFFFFFF.  My glasses broke last night.  I knew it was coming, too.  'Cus I saw that the screw was missing but I just left it because it stayed in place so bleeeh.  The side broke and also it broke it half.  Lmfao.  Only because screws are

missing.  I'll just take it to Costco or something to get it fixed.  I don't get new ones till August.  @_@

Oh!  I dyed & cut my hair.  My hair is an a-line cut now.  I mean, it was short but I wanted it angled in the back.  So yehh.  As for the dye job, I dyed parts of my bangs and an inch on each side blonde.  Yeaaah, blonde.  It's something different.  Doesn't look SO bad in my opinion. 

Lmfao; so Brad got me stuff on his trip right?  His shirt makes me lmfao.  He got me a shirt that says "Swine Flu Survivor" like wtf?  Hahahaah.  &These other stuff but that just stuck out to me. XD

+Leah's party was last night.  Her food was good.  I liked her turkey wrap & watermelon. :3  But you know, I've been craving outbacks for the longest time.  I must tell LTC so we can all go. ^___^ 

I also need to get an iPod.  I miss listening to music on the go. T_________T

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