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Graduation morning.

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Jun. 6th, 2009 | 06:26 am

So today is the day.  I finally graduate.  To be quite honest, it hasn't really hit me.  I still can't believe that after this, we only have a few more months together and it's done.  People you normally see will turn into, I haven't heard from you in ages.  <--- Sad but true.  I'm quite excited, really.  Ahhh the anticipation.  The practices were hot, yes.  &SOME people were irritating to the fullest but I believe it's worth it in the end.  We got this. ;D  &I fully cheated and sat by Jennifer & Lizelle.  But heeey, we're in the same height range so it's all good, right?

My aunt just came in last night.  I haven't seen her in a little over a year!  I missed her.  She's my fav. by far but shhhh~  Only 'cus I connect with her.  (she's totally a teen by heart) 

Last night was Baldwin's graduation.  Daaaamn was that shizzy long.  Well, no.  But it sure felt like it.  Finding people was a MESS.  OMFG.  It was so hard to find people!  It was like the fair grounds; that's intense.  But I found most of the people I needed to find.  I'm actually quite worried that my own parents won't be able to find me.  LOL, that's sad.

Just wow--I'm going to be an alumni, tonight.

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